It took me awhile to find one I liked, but here it is.

I am torn about this issue.  I do not think that it is a wise decision to allow food stamps to be used in fast food joints.  However, to the best of knowledge, most people who have food stamps have them because they cannot afford food without government help.  Fast food offers a very cheap option to families near the poverty line.  My television keeps telling me that I could feed a family of four for 15 bucks at KFC.  And I’m sure I could, but I have to think long term here.  If I feed my kids KFC 3 times a week I am going to eventually have to pay for their funeral because their hearts have exploded.  I would hope that people who use food stamps would use that money wisely and try to provide themselves with food high in nutritional value.  But I also know that despite what Republicans say, food stamps don’t make you some kind of king as 130 dollars a month is not a lot of money to buy food for an average sized family, least of all providing a well balanced diet.  Heck, I bet Romney spends that much on a bottle of champagne every time he looks at his bank account.  ZING!  But seriously, the people who are advocating for food stamps to allow purchases of fast food are people who are paid off by fast food companies.  Like every politician they do not have the best interest of the people in mind, just what fills their pockets.


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