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Walmart is trying to campaign in NYC to be allowed to open up a store.  People are worried that it will put a strain on smaller businesses.  And in my opinion they have every right to be worried.  Walmart is an evil corporation whose only sole objective is to  accumulate as much money as possible regardless of who gets in the way.  The extremely aggressive campaign they have launched (going so far as to hire Bloombergs former campaign manager) is proof enough of the length Walmart will go to get what it wants.  Why the hell does NYC need a Walmart anyway?  Sure, maybe it could help some of these food deserts we have talked about, but so could any number of other, less evil, grocery stores.  Is there even enough room in NYC for a walmart?  I guess you could build upwards but that just seems stupid.  I shop at Walmart because they have great prices.  Oh shit, did I just say that?  It is true, but boy do I hate myself for it.


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