I really have n…

I really have no problem with Paula Deen and I don’t see why Anthony Bourdain should either.  I think it comes down to Bourdain believing that people (food people on t.v) are more influential than they actually are.  Or if not that then beveling that Americans are very easily influenced.  I see a lot of violence on television, seeing violence on television does not make me want to act out.  I even see people I admire committing violent acts in television and movies, but that does not mean that because the Rock lays the smack down on someone that I am then going to do the same. What it means is that I am entertained by the acts I am watching.  Cooking shows are essentially forms of entertainment, food porn if you will.  If I were to watch Paula Deen cooking a super fatty meal my gums would salivate and then I would change the channel.  At no point during her program does she climb out of the television and shove butter down my throat.  We just don’t have that kind of technology yet.   I understand what Bourdain says when he states that Deen is in a position of power and influence and she is using it to exacerbate a problem 66% of Americans already deal with (being fat).  But Bourdain is forgetting that he is not some messiah come to save the world from fatty foods, he is an actor on a television shows whose first priority is to keep the audience watching.  I’m not sure what kind of God complex he grew up with to make him think that he is affecting that many people.  And if he has such a problem with Deen why not just back off and let her eat herself to death?  Nothing would prove his point better then giving a speech about the dangers of butter at her funeral.  And he would do it too, because he is an asshole.  I hate his shows.


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