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Mr. Klein makes a few good points here.  If people cook their own food they are more likely to eat healthier because people are not willing to spend time making snacks. And snacks are the reason people are so fat.  I’ll agree with that.  But just because someone doesn’t cook does not mean that they are doomed to a life of unhealthy choices.  Klein says the convenience/effortlessness of fast food restaurants are what draws people to them and helps them gain weight.  Well this is true, but it is still about what people decide to order at those restaurants that makes the choices unhealthy or not.  I just got back from Wendys having ordered a grilled chicken sandwich (no mayo please) a baked potato (no sour cream please) and small lemonade.  In total it was around 600 calories.  That isn’t too shabby for eating at a place that has meals that can shoot up to 2,000 calories or more.  If I had stayed on campus I would have spend another night eating cashews and drinking Gatorade in my room.  If I were at home I probably would have eaten a big bowl of cereal that would have been more than 600 calories.  Klein has it right that if you are conscious of what you are making you are more conscious of what you are eating, but even if you choose to eat out at either a fast food place or a sit down, if you are at all concerned about eating healthy then common sense will prevail where nutritional facts on a menu may not.  


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