I tried being a…

I tried being a vegetarian for a week.  Well I didn’t try, I did it.  My original plan was to do it all the way through lent, but then I realized I’m not Catholic so there was divine punishment if I stopped.  I didn’t do it because of the animals, or because I wanted to walk a mile in their shoes, or because I think meat is really that unhealthy.  No, I did it because I need to eat more fruits and vegetables and the only way to do that would be to cut the meat part out of my diet.  A normal dinner at the caf for me is 1 meat, some vegetables, some potatoes probably and a bowl of cereal.  I could not eat any more fruit/vegetables because I would be too full.  So if I was forced to cut the meat out and replace it with some salad or an apple then I had no choice but to eat healthier.  Any hoot it wasn’t that tough of a week at all.  I did not have any meat cravings and while I did not have a great deal of food choices I never went hungry.  The biggest problem was not the caf, it was the other 3 restaurants on campus.  I did get a veggie burrito at clydes but aside from that you need meat in most everything.  Ele’s had many salad options but they all contained meat.  There were, I think, 2 sandwich options that did not have meat.  Bennys was by far the worst.  There are no healthy options at Bennys (aside from a turkey sandwich) so I usually just avoided that place altogether and ate nuts in my room.  I’m not sure if I gained any health bonuses from my short experiment but I did lose a pound or two.  I have gained those back since then so nothing remains of my short time as a vegetarian.  It is so easy to get fat.  I am going to have to drastically alter my diet after college otherwise I’ll end up on the biggest loser.  Which won’t be so bad because I would destroy everyone and win a quarter of a million dollars.  Which I would probably spend on baconnators.  


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