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This is a link from Bittman, but I am responding to this one.


I have a lot of respect for Time magazine.  Whenever I go abroad I always make sure to find a place that sells them so I can keep up on the world.  When I come back home I just go back to the daily show.  It sounds weird I guess, but I want to know more about the world when I am outside the golden gates of America.  This article talks about linking anti obesity movements to unhealthy eating habits in children.  While I do agree that there has been a big push in getting kids to eat healthier, I think most eating disorders stem out of media representations of the beautiful.  The anti obesity movement is about kids eating healthier, making smarter choices to drop the startling 17% obesity rate among children.  It makes no mention of having a perfect body or being attractive to others (as far as I know), whereas things young girls (I understand boys have eating disorders too, but in much lower numbers) are being fed crap about their body image from every media outlet available.  It happens so much now that finding a girl who is comfortable with her body image is now the rarity.   Most girls by the age of five are conscious of their weight and I have heard tales told of five year olds going on diets because they believe they are too fat.  Of course in that case the media can;t be blamed, but rather bad parents who aren’t giving their children enough love, or teaching them how to love themselves.  I’ll end this by saying that anti-obesity movements can’t start in the schools they have to start at home.  I don’t claim to be original.


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