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I could become a foodie.  And by that I mean I could become someone who spends the majority of the their time talking about food and eating food.  I would not become a pretentious asshole like those found on food channels.  I don’t see why the two have to be associated.  Can’t someone be a food critic and still enjoy a big mac?  That is why I like Adam Richman so much.  You can tell he really knows a lot about food when he is talking about it on his show.  Of course the writers could just be feeding (LOL PUN) him lines but I choose not to believe that.  He never has anything negative to say about the food he is eating, instead he focuses on the positives.  Plus he also makes it clear that in order for food to be good all it has to do is taste good.  There are never any long elaborate descriptions of the origins of the food, the organic nature of the bread or how many Bolvians died picking the banana in his banana split.  No, it is just whether or not it is enjoyable to eat the food.  I hate it when people go “oh, eating challenge, what a fat ass.  Gluttony of America, over indulgence, blah blah blah.”  There are so many worse things about American culture than eating challenges that don’t get nearly as much harassment.  Reality T.V, Donald Trump, Republicans, Call of Duty, ostrich farming, I could go on all day.  And for anyone out there who thinks they could do an eating challenge I say this.  You probably can’t.  I did one and completed it because I am a bad ass, I was the first person to ever complete it.  Some truck driver did it right after me in half the time, but I was still the first.  It was the most difficult thing I have ever done.  Your body just wants to vomit and after awhile your throat refuses to aid you in swallowing.  It becomes less about the food and more about the challenge, seeing how far you can push your body.  True it does represent the gluttony of America and all that.  But who cares, I got a free t-shirt.

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