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I love Tuna.  I don’t claim to be a cat but I respect their love of tuna.  You know what I hate about tuna (aside from mercury poisoning)?  Whenever I order tuna at a food place (I can’t remember what those are called) I never know if I am going to get tuna or I am going to get mayonnaise covered bits of tuna.  Why the hell do you have to ruin a perfectly HEALTHY food by covering it in someone unknown (seriously I don’t know what mayo is) sauce and serving chips with it?  This article was mainly talking about tuna melts, which I don;t get because I don’t believe in warm tuna when it is not in steak form.  Ok aside from that rant about tuna the main point of this article was how chain restaurants are now forced to list the calories of the food items they sell.  I don’t think this ever fully got implemented but I have started noticing places like olive garden and burger joints at least showing a graph when you walk in of how many calories each item has.  Whenever I am on a diet I appreciate this information.  The majority of my life however, I am not on a diet and these graphs just make me feel bad while I chow down on my baconator (two baconator references in 1 week).  I guess what I am saying is that it is a nice gesture to have the info listed but if someone really wants to go to a fast food place they are going to do so because they want greasy sloppy oddly tasty food, they are not very calorie conscious.  Of course when you talk about other chain restaurants that people go to and sit down to eat then having the calories listed could be beneficial.  Who knows, if enough people star ordering low calorie meals and the high calories meals stop selling, restaurants will have no choice but to react and lower the calories of all their items.

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