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Organic farming is just as shitty as normal farming. I have been drinking organic chocolate milk the past few weeks because it was on sale at target. I thought it tasted better but now I am of the opinion that it just tastes thinner. Does this mean that the cows were not fed hormones? Why is it even organic? For some reason I associate the word organic with anti establishment. Not necessarily hippies living on a hill and raising cattle, but just small rural farms that care about the environment and choose not to use an insane amount of pesticides in their farming. It doesn’t surprise me that this view is wrong and that huge corporations make organic things not a hundred feet away from inorganic things, but it just makes me sad how something that seemingly started as a revolt against the industrialization of the food system as just become another way for companies to make money. Why should I even bother buying organic beef or organic chocolate milk if I’m not supporting the little guy? Don’t give me that nonsense about being poisoned by pesticides and the hormones in cattle feed is ruining my immune system. I don’t really care about that. None of it is really that dangerous. I’m sorry that girl got sick eating a hamburger but her experience is not going to make me swear off Wendys. Maybe finding a finger in my chili would, but even then I would probably just spend all my money from the lawsuit on baconators.

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