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This little blog entry feeds me knowledge contrary to everything I have ever known about everything.  That is not true, but it does throw my notions of the family dinner into disarray.  Am I wrong in saying that the news and other media outlets have stated that Americans do not cook dinners anymore?  I could have sworn that the average American eats fast food 4-5 times a week and this was one of the leading causes of obesity in the nation.  It is possible that the survey is biased toward low and middle income families (and by bias I mean that is who they polled) and so this data does not include the poor, who I assume are the ones who eat the most fast food.  But wait, according to the Washington post it is middle income families who eat the most fast food.  These two studies contradict about the frequency of the middle class eating out.  What conclusions can we draw from this?  I can’t blame the sample size in the first survey because 1500 is supposed to be enough people to represent any population, but so was the other survey.  The only thing I can assume is that the first survey was conducted by an organization whose goal it is to get families to cook more.  I am not blatantly saying that their data is false, but maybe they surveyed a very specific type of person.  To conclude I would like to say that I thought poor people at the most fast food, but it does make sense that middle income families do as they have more cash to burn.  Even eating at McDonalds isn;t all that cheap, you can find much better deals at Walmart or your local supermarket.

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