Burger king


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I loved getting toys from fast food places when I was a kid.  I would sometimes solely choose (well what little choice I had) to go to a place just for the toy.  Do you know why I did this?  It is because toys are fun and getting toys with my food was even better.  Sadly when I grew up I was unable to disassociate the feeling of joy I got from toys and going to McDonalds.  This resulted in me eating ten big macs a day and weighing nearly 400 pounds by the time I went to college.  No, no wait that didn’t happen.   I remember now.  As I got older I learned that fast food was not the best thing to put in my body and so stopped eating as much.

I don’t know what people are complaining about what Burger King gives out a crown or McDonalds has a toy in their happy meal.  Are people worried that this direct advertisement to their children with somehow brain wash their poor underdeveloped mind into becoming fast food zombies?  How many children do you know who have full time jobs and are able to go to McDonalds and pay with their own money?  If parents are worried that McDonalds is making their fatty food too appetizing to their children and they don’t want their children to eat it-DON’T BUY THEM MCDONALDS!  If you are making the conscious decision to bring your kid to a fast food joint and force feed them salty french fries and acidic soda then you have no right to claim that toys are enticing children to want to eat there.  The problem is not that the meals come with toys, the problem is that the food is awful for you in the first place.  And instead of whining about your kids getting fat cause they want to eat a cheeseburger, just stop going to McDonalds and giving them this food.  If I know anything about children it is this-they are fucking useless.  You stop giving them McDonalds and they will complain about it forever.  But they most likely will not walk to Wendys and get food by themselves.

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