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The other day the good people at Dairy Queen decided to show their customers some appreciation by selling everything for half price.  You heard me correct, things that would normally cost two dollars now only cost 1.  I wanted to be apart of this historic event so I had my girlfriend drive me and wait in the car while I feasted upon half price burgers, half price french fries and half priced blizzards.  But while I was eating I had to wonder if DQ was losing money today or if they were still turning a profit no matter how small.  A normal bacon cheeseburger has two slices of cheese, one patty, one bun, onion, lettuce, tomato and two slices of bacon and sells for $3.50.  What is the profit margin on one of these burgers?  I can’t imagine it is very high quality beef because they cooked it in less than two minutes and I doubt the bacon is from fairly treated pigs because it was hard and strigny (delicious).  I know the book talked about the invention of HFCS making soda incredibly cheap to sell and make money off of, but what about these burgers?  How much is DQ paying after you factor in the cost of the product plus the wagely hour of the employee making it plus the minumum they have to sell to pay for things like gas and electric bills.  Would I still eat at fast food places if it were to cost twice as much?  Probably.  Anyhoot that was my observation of the week.  Also I checked to see if my mustard had HFCS in it, it did not.

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