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I read “Some comments on the rise and fall of Twinkies”.  The most important part of this article is one I feel like the author did not talk enough about.  That is how a food can become kind of a cultural icon and a staple in the American diet.  It is more than just the rise and fall of Twinkies and more about differing cultural ideas throughout American history that may have steered people away from digesting this delicious vanilla treat.   The author makes mention of other foods that he grew up with that replaced Twinkies in children’s lunch-boxes, but he fails to make not of why Twinkies fell from popularity in this time period.  I for one have never eaten a Twinkie (ho-hos are another matter entirely) but am still fully aware of the hype surrounding them.  Was it simply a failed marketing tactic in the 1990’s or did something happen in America that made people value processed sugar gooey snacks (best description of gushers I could come up with) rather than the soft and fluffy Twinkie?  It would be interesting to take this question and apply it to other foods that have gained and lost popularity over the years.  For instance Cheetos.  Am I the only one who used to eat a lot of Cheetos and doesn’t anymore?  Perhaps I need a better example.  Why are burrito places so damn popular now?  I’m not complaining, I love them.  I guess what I really want to do are the factors involved to make a food popular.

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