Food log

Aside from making me think way too much about corn, this class has not had a significant influence on how I think about food thus far.  I’m not sure if I am just cynical or jaded or just unconcerned about where it is my food comes from.  Why question a good thing?  I am lucky to say that a day has not passed where I was not well fed and I have no real reason to question things that just seem to make sense to me.  All of my life I have gone to the supermarket or opened the refrigerator and was unsurprised to discover foods from around the world.  It is still early in the semester and there is ample time for me to start questioning the moral value of eating rice krispy treats, but as of right now I am very comfortable in my ignorance.

I had a fish fry tonight at Dennys because I was craving some fried fish.  A friend looked at it and jokingly said “that looks like it just hopped out straight of the Susquehanna”.  I then proceeded to belittle him and to tell him that fish do not hop and for him to shut up and eat his orea milkshake.  This is as close as I have gotten to talking about the origin of my food.

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